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Who’s it for?

Launchpad is the rocket fuel that turbocharges property-related start-ups and entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable success sooner.

Launchpad is built for start-ups and entrepreneurs that have identified and developed a product or service that can significantly transform the experience of Australian consumers, businesses or government departments involved in the property sector.

Why work with PX Ventures?

In 2010 as a start-up, PEXA worked with federal, state and territory governments in Australia and major financial institutions to develop and launch a world-first e-conveyancing platform. 

Launchpad provides qualifying start-ups and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to work directly with PEXA and its ecosystem partners to access and utilise $100,000 worth of start-up acceleration services to turbocharge the realisation of a venture’s potential.

Get on the Launchpad for access to:

  • A hand-selected coaching and advisory team to fine-tune your business plan and build key skills amongst the founding team to maximise acceleration
  • Target customers and distribution channels that exist in PEXA’s current ecosystem.
  • Customisable legal documentation for capital raising, strategic partnership formation, commercial agreements, capital raising agreements and core employee and supplier agreements (value $30k)
  • PX Ventures service providers (such as law firms, financial advisors and cloud Platform providers) on a preferred and competitive basis
  • The global Harvard alumni entrepreneurs network to form and expedite opportunities to grow globally

"Fine-tune your business plan, build the key skills needed and access our ecosystem to maximise acceleration of your start-up."

About you

To be eligible to apply for Launchpad, you must:

  1. Be a graduate of a PX Ventures Partner Accelerator Program or be designated as an early-stage innovation company (ESIC)
  2. Have built a minimum viable product or prototype of the offering being used by at least one pilot or beta customer
  3. Have identified a potential market size for the product or service of at least A$25 million within the next three years
  4. Have a detailed business plan that answers the following eight questions with fact-based research and analysis:
    1. What issue, problem or need does the product or service help the target customer solve, fix or meet?
    2. What is the value to the target customer of buying and using the product or service?
    3. What will the target customer pay for the product or service?
    4. How will you acquire customers and what will be the cost of acquiring a target customer?
    5. Who are the competitors and how does your product or service compare given what the target customers value most?
    6. What number of sales must you get to achieve cash-flow breakeven and what is the implied market share this represents?
    7. What relevant knowledge, skills, reputations and relationships does the PX Ventures team possess?
    8. What are the 3 most significant risks the venture faces and what are the strategies to mitigate and manage these?
  5. Be an Australian Registered Company.

Stage 1 – Register your details

To register your interest in Launchpad, complete the application form below.

Stage 2 – Shortlist

If shortlisted, we will contact you to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and provide more detailed information. All non-shortlisted applicants will be notified that they were unsuccessful at this stage.

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