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Who are we looking for?

Federal, state and local government departments in Australia that are seeking to improve the effectiveness, timeliness and efficiency of their processes by creating, updating or overhauling their digital service delivery capability.

By partnering with us, your department can leverage our state-of-the-art digital processes and security methodologies to help you implement exceptional service delivery capabilities sooner and safer.

Why work with PX Ventures?

In 2013, PEXA established a world-first digital settlement platform in partnership with Australian federal, state and territory governments and major financial institutions. Learn more about PEXA.

PX Ventures builds on this proven track record of working with governments of all levels to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of core processes. PX Ventures gives you access to the expertise, experience and ecosystem of PEXA to help governments of all levels with their digital transformation needs.

Each year PEXA works with 150 financial institutions involved in the financing of property. We have close relationships with over 9,500 property services firms involved in legal advice, conveyancing, property development, as well as core suppliers of digital infrastructure such as cloud services and data encryption.

If you’re looking to digitally transform processes that relate to any members of the PEXA ecosystem, PX Ventures can help you achieve success sooner and more effectively.

"PEXA has a 10 year track record of working effectively with all 3 levels of Government."

About you

You should consider working with PX Ventures if:

  • You are looking to transform business processes that are adjacent to or can leverage PEXA’s platform, capabilities or data sets.
  • You require government-grade encryption and cybersecurity capabilities.
  • Your key factor for success involves tight integration with corporate and consumer digital experiences (e.g, renovation, renovation plan, planning and permits, new property valuation and addition to property mortgage to fund renovation).
  • Total market savings or efficiencies could exceed $100 million within three years.

To arrange an initial discovery meeting, complete the application form below. All discovery meetings are conducted with PX Ventures Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Bodikian and a senior executive from your organisation.

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